Meet Derek Sajbel (pronounced "shybell"), a seasoned digital media creator with a passion for crafting compelling visual and auditory experiences. With a wealth of expertise in video and audio production, Derek has honed his skills in directing, shooting, and editing countless hours of footage, adeptly transforming them into masterpieces ranging from concise 15-second clips to immersive 120-minute features.
Since 2013, Derek's focus has centered on the art of video editing and post-production, specializing in motion graphics, color correction, and sound design and mixing. His dedication to mastering these disciplines has enabled him to deliver exceptional media solutions independently and as part of both small and large teams. Whether working as a freelance professional or in full-time positions, Derek consistently demonstrates his ability to swiftly produce high-quality videos, seamlessly meeting demanding deadlines.
Driven by a commitment to excellence and a keen eye for detail, Derek Sajbel stands as an invaluable asset in the realm of digital media production, continuously delivering remarkable results that captivate audiences and exceed expectations.
Skills: Storytelling, Video Post Production, Editing, Motion Graphics, Green Screen, Multi-Camera, Video Production, Shooting, Directing, Audio Mixing and Production, Sound Design, Color Correction, Compression, DVD & Blu-Ray Production, Media Management, Client Interaction, Workflow Development, Hardware Troubleshooting and Maintenance 
Software: Final Cut Pro X & 7, Davinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, AVID MC, After Effects, Apple Motion, Photoshop, Illustrator, Audition, Encore, Media Encoder, Compressor, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X, Pro Tools, Wordpress, MS Office, Google Docs, Box,
Clients Derek has worked with: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Samsung, Adobe, Nike, T-Mobile, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Hitachi, Unilever, Stanford Medicine, Stanford University, MLB, Cisco, Culinary Institute of America, Sunrun, Skype, El Pollo Loco, eBay, htc,, Proactiv, Priceline, Monarch, Om Records, Shiny Objects, Daedelus, edIT, Omega Recoil, Seyyer, Rocket Dog Rescue, Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, Tax Ninja
Agencies Derek has worked with: Duarte, Core Studio, ProUnlimited, Magnit, Friday's Films, Atomic D, Big Picture, Spy Post, BSSP, Four Winds Creative, Satellite Film and Video, 4SP Films, Rough House, 1/29 Films, studiobfilms, Umlaut Films, Art Curved Straight, Group X, Slanted Light, Red Scarf Films, Lieberman Productions, Shortchair Creative, SLAP Agency, PixelSplice, Aquent
See Derek's LinkedIn profile for more detailed information about his work history and clients.
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